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Limit of Liability for each Employee €160.000
Limitation of Liability for each Incident or series of Incidents that come from the same generative or original cause €3.415.000(*)
Total Limit for Liability for any Insurance Period €5.125.000(*)
The Employer may select higher Limits of Liability and the Company will determine corresponding premium and terms.
The Company's Liability for damages includes its costs and expenses staff due to the requirement
War Dangers, Uprisings, Turmoil, Terrorist Actions
Damage from Nuclear or Ionizing Radiation
The Liability of the insured to employees by his contractors Insured
Any amount that the Insured is entitled to recover from third parties
Exemplary or punitive damages fines and penalties
Guild or other workers' compensation under legislation
Pre-existing diseases or disabilities, hereditary diseases or defects; Handling, processing or use of Asbestos or Asbestos-Related Products
Use of a Motor Vehicle
Sanctions arising on the basis of United Nations or other resolutions organizations or states
War, invasion, revolution, insurrection and other similar incidents !
Any terrorist act !
Any use of nuclear weapons or ionizing radiation or radioactive contamination !
Any form of Infection or Pollution !
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(*) The Company provides higher coverage of € 3,500,000 and € 5,200,000
for (ii) and (iii) respectively above.
Covered : In the Republic of Cyprus and the territory of the British Bases in Cyprus.
(!) Restrictions on coverage
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